Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 Ad Campaign David Sims

During Nicolas Ghesquière’s career at Louis Vuitton, we’ve witnessed everyone from Bruce Weber to Steven Meisel to Collier Schorr to Patrick Demarchelier serve as the brand’s campaign photographer. Recently, the label seems to have settled on David Sims. Following last season‘s triumphant offering captured on the majestic pebbled beaches of Normandy, we’re back in the comfort of the studio for Spring 2022. Actresses HoYeon Jung, Stacy Martin and Samara Weaving appear alongside journalist Agathe Rousselle, singer Lous and the Yakuza plus models Mona Tougaard, Kristine Lindseth, Rianne Van Rompaey, Fleur Breijer, Ida Heiner and Chu Wong all posing against colorful backdrops.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2022 by David Sims


In the eyes of our forum members, however, this season feels like a huge setback. “Even looking past those clip art lens flares, this is awful,” WinstonH20 expressed the moment the campaign dropped.

“I hate the tacky lens flare, like who thought that was a good choice? Quite a low point for Sims,” critiqued aracic.

“Not sure I’ve ever seen worse from Louis Vuitton. Putrid,” complained dontbeadrag.

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“This is the dumbest-looking fashion campaign I have ever seen. I’m shocked that this is David Sims. The fake lights, the bright background and the terrible fake dancing,” called out GivenchyHomme.

DK92 was also far from impressed: “I don’t have words to describe this tragedy… In fact, to be quite honest, I can’t even say what’s worse about this campaign because it’s simply a combination of a zillion terrible things!”

“Maybe it should have been shot by Jean-Paul Goude to really push it forward,” suggested Lola701.

“They all probably think that they have created something ‘genius’…” PowerDroid pointed out.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2022 by David Sims


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