Makeup Bags That Double as Clutches

Since it’s street style season, you’re probably obsessed with checking out every single detail of showgoers’ ensembles. Including what they’re carting around town. Whether they’re outsize shoulder bags, fanny packs or the currently trending micro variety, the bags always make a statement. But you don’t have to spend extra cash on a stylish bag to blend in with the stylish crowd. Just empty out all the eyeliners, lipsticks and shadows from your makeup bag and cart it instead.

Convinced you wouldn’t dare tote your cosmetics case out on the street? Well, then you haven’t got one of these chic AF options. From textured picks to bold doodles to smaller versions of must-have designer bags, these makeup containers are meant to be shown off and not packed away in an overnight bag. Plus, some have extra compartments for stowing cash, credit cards or even your makeup.

Because your makeup deserves a pretty case and since we love double-duty items, here are 19 totally fashionable makeup bags. They’re so stylish, you won’t be embarrassed if you’re captured carting one by a street style photographer.

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