Mango launches circular denim capsule

Resurgent Spanish retail giant Mango is launching its first denim collection “designed with circularity criteria to promote a second life for garments”.


It takes it further on its sustainability journey as it works to make its garments “easier to use and recycle after their useful life”.

The new pieces in the denim collection have been designed with a single fibre (they’re all 100% cotton, at least 20% of which is recycled) and accessories such as rivets and jacron labels have been eliminated.

The company also minimised waste during product development with the pieces designed using 3D digital design and technology, which kept sample numbers to a minimum.

It’s an important collection for the retailer, as it’s the first capsule launched as part of its new sustainability strategy. This aims to incorporate circular design criteria “so that by 2030 such criteria will predominate in the design of its products and 100% of fibres will be of sustainable origin or recycled”.

Product-wise the capsule includes various Mango Woman garments in denim, some with dirty washes, such as trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, gilets and cropped jackets, in indigo and black. 

The “on-trend silhouettes” were influenced by the 2000s, with low-rise, cargo details, rips and wide fits predominating.

Mango has manufactured them in ways that minimise their environmental impact regarding the use of chemicals and water, and inside the garments there’s a diagram explaining circular design to its customers, in order to reduce the production of paper labels.

It has also launched a campaign starring American model Indira Scott, “chosen by Mango for her freshness and her commitment to the environment”.

The company said that in the next few years it will increase circular design in its products, either by producing garments that are easier to recycle (bearing in mind their composition or construction), committing to durability, or using designs that produce less textile waste.

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