Millie Bobby Brown Vogue Mexico June 2022

Vogue Mexico doesn’t take our fancy frequently. Only covers with Shakira and Alessandra Ambrosio caught our attention recently. Now for June 2022 Karla Martinez de Salas welcomes Millie Bobby Brown to the Mexican fashion bible’s front cover marking the first Vogue cover for the actress best known for her role on Netflix’s Stranger Things. As a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, Millie naturally wears a polka dot blouse from the brand’s Spring 2022 collection courtesy of stylist Maya Zepinic for the charming Claudia Knoepfel-shot image.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America June 2022 : Millie Bobby Brown by Claudia Knoepfel


The end result divided our forums. “She’s 18 years old, right? Looks like she’s 30 and giving Keira Knightley vibes for some reason. Could and should be better,” critiqued WAVES.

“She looks like Natalie Portman in Black Swan. She doesn’t look like an 18-year-old girl,” echoed caioherrero.

“Millie Bobby Brown is going to have some interesting things to say about life when she’s 40 (when she’ll probably look 18),” joked tigerrouge.

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“Sometimes I see photos of Millie Bobby Brown and literally have no idea who it is,” SophiaVB chimed in.

“Another forgettable cover for Vogue Mexico. Something is not working here. Claudia is a good photographer, but there is bad editing…” declared a disapproving Xone.

“Someone I would never expect to see on the cover of this edition of Vogue. Globalization at its finest,” stated marsnoop2.

Although not everyone agreed. “I’m able to appreciate there are zero gimmicks with the cover shot, it’s just a straightforward portrait image from Claudia Knoepfel, which shows Millie Bobby Brown in a very flattering light with lovely beauty and fashion styling,” noted vogue28.

Are you a fan? See more from Vogue Mexico’s June 2022 issue here.

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