Neon Bags to Carry Everywhere This Summer

We don’t need to tell you that neon has taken over fashion. From retina-burning dresses to blinding footwear, the hot hues are literally everywhere. So much so that you may be experiencing fluorescent burnout. But there’s an easy way to still embrace the trend this summer. We’re talking about neon bags.

Highlighter shades of yellow, green, pink, orange and blue naturally lend themselves to the season. Whether you’re rocking an already colorful outfit or sticking with summer darks, a pop of neon can make any look summer-ready.

The styles of bags vary. You have your classic totes and baguettes. There’s even a phone pouch. If you prefer to hold your bag, you’re in luck. We discovered some cool clutches, top-handle creations and straw stunners. You also have your choice of size. Keep it mini or go a bit bigger.

There are quite a few designer options. Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Versace, JW Anderson and more all have covetable carryalls. But you don’t have to spend the majority of your rent money or savings. Mango in particular is all over the trend. (Plus, the brand’s having a big sale right now so the bags are even more of a steal.)

Here are the most stylish neon bags to work into your summer wardrobe.

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