Part Social Experiment, Part Reality TV: Undressed Looks At How Your Style Choices Impact Your Life

Everyone knows that a good outfit can make or break your day. That power blazer can be the difference between nailing your presentation and fumbling it, much like how the activewear you pop after the school drop-off can be the catalyst for actually getting to the gym.When you think about it, every single clothing item and fashion choice says something about a person, and we can’t help but take it on board in some way. 

But how often do we truly stop to think about what our style actually says to the world, and more importantly, if it helps us to create who we want to be, or holds us back from becoming the best version of ourselves? Is our pursuit of wearing the latest trends, actually wearing us? 

Paramount+’s new Australian show Undressed is tackling these big questions with some pretty inspirational results. So if you’re looking to update your style, build out a capsule wardrobe or are just stuck in a fashion rut, then Undressed is the perfect source of inspiration. But you better keep the tissues handy: this show gets emotional, as its participants unpack how they’re holding themselves back.

Hosted by award-winning journalist, presenter, author, influencer and ‘fashion decoder’ Kathryn Eisman, Undressed is equal parts social experiment and reality TV. It’s truly a transformational show with depth. Here’s the premise: in each episode Kathryn “reads” the clothing of participants to determine what’s holding them back from living their best life. 

The Australian and Paramount+ original, available to stream from Thursday, 6 October, starts off by scratching at the surface of fashion, before quickly diving deep into uncovering what’s possible with a little bit of confidence and new perspective all via fashion tweaks. Trust us, you’ll feel motivated to reassess your own style, and no doubt pick up a few tips along the way.

Unlike other transformation shows, Kathryn doesn’t just dress people up according to current trends or in bold pieces. Instead, she helps unlock each participant’s innate style. Learning how to adopt and play with trends to make them work for you is key to presenting your best self instead of putting up a  front, and Undressed is about breaking down that armour, not building it up. 

Undressed with Kathryn Eisman. Change your clothes, change your life. Now streaming, exclusively to Paramount+. Click here for more. 

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