Rianne Van Rompaey The Row Summer 2022 Campaign

You can’t blame the fashion industry for its ongoing obsession with Rianne Van Rompaey. Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Isabel Marant, Loro Piana, Zara and Chanel have all tapped the Dutch beauty for their advertising campaigns. Now The Row jumps on the Rianne bandwagon with the unveiling of its Summer 2022 campaign. Self Service‘s current cover star wears the immaculate collection (styled by Brian Molloy) in a beautifully lit studio setting captured by Jamie Hawkesworth.

The Row S/S 2022 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Jamie Hawkesworth


Needless to say, members of our forums are in awe. “Fabulous,” proclaimed caioherrero.

“This is spectacular,” said TianCouture.

“Ugh, I hate to admit it, but there’s something truly spectacular about these images,” confessed helmutnotdead.

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“Really exciting to see some great retouching and big focus on fabulous hair, movement, silhouette and makeup. It complements the unexpected excitement of The Row putting out a campaign,” jonahsol pointed out.

“Wow, those images look ridiculously good. I must confess I didn’t get excited after reading Jamie Hawkesworth’s name, but I’m more than happy that I was wrong. The red shot is magnetic,” added thiago:).

“Rianne Van Rompaey is truly the best model of her generation. She loves what she does and it shows in her work. Kudos to the Olsens for choosing a skilled and talented model instead of going the obvious route and hiring an Instagirl,” approved GivenchyHomme.

RMDV shared the same level of enthusiasm: “This is hands down the best of the past TWO seasons.”

The Row S/S 2022 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Jamie Hawkesworth


See more from the campaign and share your thoughts here.

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