Scarf Tops to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Like it or not, early aughts fashion is trending. From butterfly prints to tube dresses, it seems like everyone is backtracking. Perhaps nothing is more Y2K, however, than scarf tops. You know, those triangle-hem, often shiny tops that were so ubiquitous as we entered into the new millennium.

To be crystal clear, these tops are divided into two categories. First, silky scarves you can wrap around your torso. Second, actual tops meant to look like you tied a scarf around your upper half. Regarding the former, you need a scarf big enough to cover your assets. So look for oversized versions. Or one that actually features a picture of a model wearing it as a top. That way you know it’ll work. Of course, actual scarves can also be worn around necks or twisted around bags or heads come fall. Which is a big bonus. Especially if you’re shelling out for a designer creation.

You can style these tops with other 2000s-era trends. Think cargo pants. Or you can combine them with more modern ones. Like micro skirts, if you dare.

So are you ready to add to your ever-growing early aughts wardrobe? Scroll down to see the most stylish scarf tops around.

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