Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin

Really into hair removal, especially in summer? Then you should know that the key to a flawless shave lies not only in your technique but also the products you use. You know to use a clean razor every time you shave. But you should also use a gentle shaving cream to avoid razor burn.

Essentially, they form a thin barrier between your skin and the razor. Minimizing your chances of cutting yourself while providing moisture as you glide the blades up and down. In other words, shaving creams are nonnegotiable for a disaster-free shaving session. (Or at least less of them.) That said, always look for creams with calming ingredients like aloe vera to prevent irritation.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some really effective and gentle options at all price points. That way you’ll get a clean shave while soothing your skin from the hot summer sun.

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