Soludos’ Creative Director On The Fall Shoe Trends We Need To Know

If it were up to me I’d spend my life in sneakers. APL’s TechLoom Zipline style to be exact because I am so prone to blisters and bleeding even from so-called “comfortable shoes.” While I do spend a good amount of time in sneakers, it’s not necessary to actually spend all my time in them – nor is that recommended, no matter what your lifestyle is – there are a number of brands who have made it their mission to make stylish shoes that are actually comfortable (like actually).

That said, there’s no denying athleisure is bleeding into every day trends and that it is now more acceptable than ever to opt for soft, cushioned sneaker or sneaker-inspired footwear, even for the office or the bar.

Would that in mind I chatted with Karen Ruenitz, the creative director of product at Soludos – known for their comfortable footwear – to talk fall shoe trends. The great thing about these trends is that they can easily translate into sneaker-type shoes or more streamlined footwear you can wear to the office, after-dark etc. Some styles even do both.

Platforms, Platforms, Platforms

Cult Gaia 

“For a few years now we have seen a huge rise in platforms of every sort – sneakers, booties, sandals, heels. It reflects the 90s silhouette that is happening right now where proportions are about extremes – oversized blazers with chunky sneakers or body contour knit pants with platform booties or baby doll dresses with platform loafers. Our Ibiza Platform lives perfectly in this 90s vibe.”

Mind Awakening


“People are talking about psychedelics for mental health issues and for mind awakening including Sanjay Gupta’s feature on CNN ‘Psychedelic medicine gets a closer look’ 2014 to the latest Netflix special ‘How to Change your Mind’ led by Michael Pollan this year. We are seeing this spirit reflected in prints, patterns, colors and vibes.”

Retro Tennis


“Tennis has had a resurgence during the pandemic since we are able to be play it while being socially distancing and now it continues its reign of popularity. It also dovetails nicely with the prep and retro vibes that are happening. We are seeing a lot of 70s era colors and styles of tennis outfits, racket gear, etc on the physical and aesthetic courts. We are super excited by our version of the retro tennis vibe with the Roma in green that we launched in the spring and will be reissued this fall.”


Athletic Propulsion Labs

“Spring, summer, fall and winter all we see are lace up hi-tops hi-tops hi-tops in all colors shapes sizes. It goes with the 90s sort of grunge irreverent vibe. They instantly make any outfit look cool and relevant. You can go all-white for sleek look, black for more punk, faded sage for chill vibe. I love having the option of a white leather hi-top that won’t get so dirty as canvas and can act as a bootie when needed.”

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