Stressing Out About Hair Loss? We Have A Secret…

Hair loss can have a long list of causes: genetics, pregnancy, Covid, stress… Unfortunately, I feel like I was hit with them all at once. I found myself with clumps of hair falling out a few months ago and now, with a ring of baby hairs framing my face. It all looked pretty awful until celebrity hair colorist Erika Alktoot swooped in and saved the day.

Alktoot, who works at celeb hot spot the Arsen Gurgov salon in New York City (which recently relocated to a gorgeous and zen white-washed space), is a treasure chest of tips. She’s also a go-to for dealing with the problem at hand.

So, what can be done for hair loss? Here’s the secret.

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“Boil rosemary in water for 20 minutes – basically steep a whole big bunch of the sprigs,” says Alktoot. “Once it has steeped for a good amount of time, pour the ‘tea’ into a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto your scalp. Do this every morning (you can keep and reuse the blend until it runs out).” Alktoot notes that it won’t leave behind any residue and it will not only help with hair loss, but it will help hair grow back stronger. “While, in addition to being effective, it’s refreshing and invigorating you can amp it up even more with an added aromatherapy effect by adding some grapefruit peel to the mixture.”

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Alktoot also swears by collagen (she puts it in her coffee) for hair growth and, of course, working with hair color to camouflage bald spots/baby hair re-growth. “Don’t be worried about highlighting baby hairs, it’s totally safe, but don’t highlight it all at once or you’ll have an odd halo look.” If you have a single color rather than highlights, Alktoot recommends waiting it out a bit, noting that hair grows 1/4-inch a month on average.

Meanwhile Arsen Gurgov – who has a cult following that includes the likes of Melissa Wood and Katie Couric – can, in a matter of minutes, camouflage just about any hair loss with his swift hands. Truly a master hairdresser, he’s also on the cutting edge of all the latest techniques. But really – he’ll give you the best hair cut of your life in a matter of minutes.

For at home, there are a number of products that can help strengthen hair to protect for hair loss and help encourage growth. Cardon, for example, just launched a Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner, which contain Korean-FDA proven active ingredients like niacinamide and dexpanthenol. They’re designed for men, but will work just as well for women.

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