Sweaty Fashion: Athleisure To Motivate Your Winter Workouts

When it’s dark when you get up in the morning and dark when you wrap up work, the last thing trekking to a workout is, is easy. Factor in cold, snow and rain… ooff! Home workouts are a wonderful alternative, but they’re not for everyone. While I personally do them every so often I find it very difficult to motivate without the power of a group, not to mention there are a million and one distractions in my small apartment and a 45 minute workout can easily stretch hours.

Wearing Bala Bangles throughout the day on my wrists and/or ankles has been helpful for toning on days I know I won’t be able to squeeze in a workout (I wear them during most workouts as well), but the most effective thing I’ve found to help me stick with a workout routine is investing in clothing that I’m excited to wear – and feel comfortable sweating in.

Keep reading for a look at athleisure picks to motivate workouts on days you feel like doing anything but.

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