Swimsuits for Big Busts That Are Cute AND Supportive

If you’re a girl who is blessed with a larger chest, you’ll realize at some point that no matter how tight you tie the straps on that traditional tiny bikini top, they are never, ever going to provide you with adequate support. It doesn’t matter if you tie them so tight you can barely breathe, those little straps can only do so much. Besides, you (and your chest) are better off finding a swimsuit that actually fits. When your bathing suit doesn’t fit, it’s annoying at best. At its worst, an unsupportive swimsuit is embarrassing. (Read: Dive at your own risk.) Which is why we’ve put together a definitive list of the best swimsuits for big busts.

You’re not going to have fun at the pool or beach when you are constantly adjusting your bikini top. So do yourself a favor and take the time to get a proper-fitting swimsuit the same way you do with your bras. Thankfully, there are cute and supportive swimsuits for big busts, just like there are pretty and supportive bras. When it comes to prints, there are polka dots and flowers aplenty. If solid shades are more your thing, you’ll find everything from neutrals to neons.

Shop some of our favorite swimwear picks below.

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