The Glam Guide To Dubai

I’ve just returned from five days in Dubai – a trip I have been planning for years. In fact, I was set to go when COVID hit. Since then I got pregnant, had a baby and needless to say the trip kept getting delayed and delayed. Now, with my husband and 14 month old son I finally made it and it was a beyond incredible experience.

It’s still the low season – though we’re about to head into the Dubai high season – meaning prices are a lot lower now till about November. In my opinion the low season is great because you can save money on things like hotels and you’ll have an easier time getting prime dinner reservations and enjoy shorter lines for the popular attractions.

Yes, it’s very, very hot and humid (I’m talking your glasses and cellphone screen fogging up), but you really don’t spend much time outside. It’s not a walking city, you get around by taxi and they’re easy to find just about anywhere on the street or via the app Careem (like Uber).

Click through the slideshow below for a look at the best spots while in Dubai.

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