The Vest Gets A Cool Girl Makeover As A Shirt

All things once considered “nerdy” – like thick rim glasses, suspenders, fanny packs, etc. – seem to be getting the cool girl makeover. The latest of the bunch: vests. But unlike the traditional way they’re worn, these vests are most often worn as a shirt, not over a shirt. That said, as we get deeper and deeper into the cool weather that will likely change and we’ll start seeing more vests worn as layering pieces.

In all cases, however, the vests in question are tailored. To contrast the slim cut, this look works well with wide leg trousers in neutral color-ways or loose-fitting jeans. While you may or may not want to eschew wearing a shirt under one of the vests in question, you can opt to layer the vest with a blazer or jacket as the temperatures start to drop as a way to stay on trend… but also warm.

For a look at some vests to make this trend work, click through our slideshow below.

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