Translucent Sneakers Are The Latest Athleisure Trend To Obsess Over

Never had a soft spot for the “naked trend“? You’re not the only one. Lucky for us there’s a new take on the trend that we can all get behind: translucent sneakers (it might even help us get to our wellness goals!).

While Stella McCartney attempted this trend a few years back, it never really took off, arguably because she took it too extreme. No one wants to see an entire foot, do they? Especially not when it’s sweaty. Plus, her version didn’t make it all that practical to wear socks, meaning you couldn’t realistically wear them to workout in – not to mention that the shoe wasn’t actually comfortable.

Fast forward to Fall 2022 and we have stellar versions that do this trend in subtle ways by opting for translucent uppers. Meaning you’re getting style, comfort and sneakers that are functional. APL is, as they so often do, leading the way with this trend with their just-launched limited edition Streamline in Clear/White.

On also has a take, available in a few different color-ways, via their Cloud X Shift. Both brands are best known for their running shoes, but these styles happen to not only be stylish, but versatile. They’ll work for your runs as well as for just about any studio or gym workout.

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