Tummy Sheet Masks, “Crying” Under Eye Cooling Patches And More LOL Launches From INC.redible

Most beauty buffs know Nails.INC, but even though it launched five years ago sister brand INC.redible, is still somewhat under the radar. But we’re here to blow off the lid.

The affordable line is available at retailers ranging from CVS to Sephora and Revolve. It’s not often that you can find brands with products retailing mostly in the $5-20 range at the latter two retailers, so there’s clearly something special here – and that something special is serious innovation and even more serious Instagram appeal.

Let’s dive into some of the most recent launches, all of which are as effective and innovative as they are worthy of a static feed post.


Cryo Baby Cooling Hydrogel Under Eye Masks

For $3.99 you can’t expect these under eye masks to be loaded in potent actives, but after a night of little sleep the cooling feel they impart hits the spot (make sure to store them in the fridge!). Plus they’ve got hyaluronic acid (a.k.a. the ultimate hydrating ingredient). We love the “cryo” design (pun intended…), but they’ve got other shapes as well.

Juicy Pair Nourishing Boob and Bum Mask Duo

Because your boobs and butt need nourishment too! Checkout the Juicy Pair Nourishing Boob and Bum Mask Duo, which retails for $15.

Eye Need to Relax Self-Heating Over-Eye Mask

Retailing for $4.99, this over-eye mask is designed to relieve tension – no steaming, hot water or microwaves required; just remove the lavender-scented eye mask from the sachet and it automatically heats up! Besides being relaxing, this works to depuff.

Holy Guaca-Mommy Avocado-Print Pregnancy Tummy Sheet Mask

Stretch marks are mostly genetic, but if there’s one thing you can do to minimize them it’s keeping skin hydrated. This avocado tummy mask is an easy and undeniably humorous way to do it. The hydrating sheet is enriched with anti-oxidants and vegan collagen to help plump up and protect the skin. It retails for $4.99.

Dreamy Skin Vibes Soothing Hydrogel Face Mask

If you’re looking for a mask you can fall asleep in, this one will fit the bill. It’s formulated with lavender and chamomile extract, plus protective melatonin (a.k.a. the sleepy hormone) to help reduce inflammation. It retails for $4.99.

Chase Your Rainbow Brightening Face Mask

Now for the opposite of sleeping, this rainbow mask, which retails for $4.99, is designed to energize the skin with fruit actives and hyaluronate.

Shop all of these finds at CVS.

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