Winter Fashion Must-Haves for Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your style. As we inch closer to 2023 we turned to Lauren DeGolia, a clarity consultant and astrologer, and asked her to help us break down what each zodiac sign should invest in fashion-wise this coming winter.

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“Active Aries share some inspiring accents this winter season. Add some spicy colors, a bold lip, daring eye makeup, or to-die-for shoes and a matching handbag to add a touch of drama to your style. There’s no such thing as overdone when you’re dressing to impress. We know you’re always on the move, so make sure to keep it simple, so it’s easy to throw on on-the-go.”


“Tailored Taurus, choose some effortless staples and clean lines that make you look and feel your best this winter. Ditch the fast fashion for some capsule pieces that will last you for seasons to come. Pair your go-to’s with some fun textures to keep things interesting. We know you like to keep things simple, but that doesn’t mean boring.”


“Glam Gemini adaptability is the name of the game this winter. Whether you’re going from the office to a night out or from the slopes to a dinner party, pair pieces that make you feel like you’re making your closet work double-time. We know you love options, so make sure you have pieces that mix and match well together for a frictionless fashion experience.”

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“Classic Cancer, stick with the timeless pieces that make you feel your best. A little black dress to die for, yes, please. A vintage Chanel bag that goes with almost everything, yum. Cable sweaters that keep you warm and chic all winter, take my money. We know you like comfort, too, make sure you pair your must-haves with shoes that will take you the extra mile this season.”


“Legendary Leo, go big and don’t stay home. Mix and match brands, colors, textures, and prints for an out-of-this-world winter wardrobe. The rules don’t apply to you as you curate pieces that will help you stand out all season long. We know you love fun, so go for a flirty vibe when pairing pieces for the best results.”


“Versatile Virgo this winter calls for a fashion remix. It’s time to pair the vintage with the hip to get a look that is YOU-niquely you. A little creativity goes a long way when crafting a look that will add a little pep to your step. We know you love an ultra-organized closet but make sure you’re weeding out the pieces that you don’t vibe with anymore.”


“Luxurious Libra, details are everything as you prepare your winter wardrobe. Pair the basics with over-the-top beautiful accents for a show-stopping look. Step out of your comfort zone by pairing unconventional pieces you love for the best results. We know it might be hard to pick just one, so give yourself permission to be extra this season.”


“Seductive Scorpio, keep your power look fresh by adding dramatic textures: leather/faux leather, mesh, and suede to your standard rotation this winter. Give your look an edge by adding some moody tones and stand-out jewels that will double as conversation starters. We love that you know how to make a statement everywhere you go.”

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“Sassy Sagittarius, we know that fast fashion is an easy solution to making a fun winter statement. Challenge yourself to find sustainable options that give you the same carefree vibe but last longer than this season. Expand your color palette and your shoe selection by adding pops of color that make your adventurous spirit stand out.”


“Confident Capricorn permission to ditch the pants and collared shirts for an elevated, yet responsible wardrobe this winter. It’s okay to incorporate a few trendy pieces into your classic rotation and play with some new looks this winter. We know you love consistency but stepping out of your comfort zone is key to the fun your soul is craving.”


“Alluring Aquarius, keep us guessing by mixing and matching pieces that pique your interest. Out with the trends and in with the small curated fashion houses that support sustainability and the causes you love to support. We love that you’re a one-of-a-kind trendsetter.”


“Picturesque Pisces romanticizes your look this winter by adding soft textures and trim to everything. From lace accents to velvet pants and faux fur just because. Let your creativity and your vibe be your guide this season. We know making a decision can be hard; just throw on what feels right at the moment.”

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