Zara returns to the metaverse with Zepeto

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May 11, 2023

Inditex is not shying away from combining innovation and artificial intelligence in its future projects, as seen in its recent Stradivarius collection. Along with these advances, the fashion giant is also continuing its long-term strategy in the metaverse. This initiative began in 2021 with Zara’s first collection on the South Korean platform Zepeto in collaboration with the collective Ader Error. 

The collection will be available from May 11 – Zara

Zara has been actively exploring the potential of the metaverse. Following its first successful venture with Ader Error, Zara continued to release collections on the platform, including ‘Lime Glam’, ‘Y2K Creatures’, and ‘Valentine’s Tale’. Now, on Thursday, May 11, the Galician conglomerate’s flagship brand is launching its latest metaverse collection in partnership with Zepeto called ‘Fairy Magic Idols’.

The capsule was designed as a “digital story” that takes inspiration from the beauty of nature and the arrival of spring. The collection adopts a “phigital” style, offering both physical and digital garments. The physical line includes six denim garments, four tops featuring the collection’s iconography, two bags, two models of sandals, and two beauty products – a gloss and a lip balm. All products will be available for sale on the brand’s website.

Among Zara’s digital offerings is a set of six avatars, designed with “fantasy influences” and “spring elements” such as flowers and butterflies, and featuring modern details like bows and piercings. The collection offers a selection of denim garments that will also be available in physical format as well as sandals with socks, wings, and fantasy glasses, all of which will be available on the Zepeto platform. Additionally, the fashion brand has developed a new dedicated lends that will be available for use on Snapchat, as with previous collections.


In the last fiscal year, the Inditex group broke sales records, reporting a surge of 17.5% to 32.569 billion euros, and recorded a net profit growth of 7% to 4.130 billion euros.

Zara (which reports its income jointly with Zara Home) recorded a remarkable 21% increase in revenue to 23.761 billion euros, cementing its position as the top-performing chain of the Inditex group in terms of sales volume. As of January 31, the brand operates globally with a total of 1,885 stores out of the 5,815 owned by the parent company.

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