Zodiac Jewelry to Show Off Your Sign

We’re all guilty of scanning the paper (either online or IRL) to read our horoscopes. Obviously, we all love the fact idea that we can predict what’s to come based on when we were born. Or that our personality traits, annoying as some may be, are also beyond our control. So it’s not at all surprising that zodiac jewelry is popping up everywhere.

Chloe recently released a whole astrological collection. It includes both earrings and rings, but we’re fonder of the former. While onlookers can’t read your sign just by checking out your bling, you’ll know you’re showcasing your date of birth.

Looking to be less subtle? You’re in luck because there are plenty of pieces boasting zodiac symbols and animals. Sure, some are better than others. Let’s face it: a scorpion and a lion are way cooler than an archer or a scale. But these jewels are super stylish so you’ll be down to sport your sign.

We definitely don’t recommend overdoing the trend. So flaunting rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings all at once isn’t an option. The one exception? Showing your love by wearing your sign along with your partner’s symbol.

Ready to represent? Scroll down to discover the best zodiac jewelry.

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