wotherspoon designs x hot wheels

Sean Wotherspoon partnered with Mattel to launch the ‘Wotherspoon Designs x Hot Wheels’ fashion capsule. This collection includes Hot Wheels-branded apparel such as jackets, hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and shoes. The items were also designed with adidas, leading to a high-profile meeting of three companies.

The items in the Wotherspoon Designs x Hot Wheels capsule are heavily inspired by racing apparel, with sleek jackets that feature the toy company’s branding similarly to how a motorsports racer’s jacket features sponsors. The jersey shirt follows this same motorsports-inspired trend. The remainder of the capsule, though, such as the hats, shoes, and shorts, take a different approach that focuses on more subtle branding and imagery, with the exception of the vibrantly-colored sneakers.

The items in the collection are available now from Wotherspoon Designs at prices that vary from $18 USD for socks up to $180 USD for a jacket.

Image Credit: Wotherspoon Designs, adidas

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