How to Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts

ICYMI: You can schedule Instagram carousel posts with Later!

Instagram carousel posts — also known as gallery or multi-photo posts — are a versatile way of sharing up to 10 photos and videos in a single Instagram post.

And with Later, you can prepare and schedule multi-photo posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from desktop or mobile, all from one super efficient workflow.

Instagram carousel posts can be used in a variety of creative ways — and with the right strategy, you can boost engagement levels, increase brand affinity, and even drive product sales.

Since only the first image will display on your Instagram grid, carousel posts a great way to share authentic, behind-the-scenes content with your audience — without disrupting a carefully crafted Instagram aesthetic.

And thanks to their scrollable format, they’re perfect for sharing educational stories with your audience. This can be great for raising awareness about a social cause, or explaining the value of a product or service.

As a result, carousel posts are a popular format on Instagram.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Social Insider, Instagram carousel posts outperform singular posts with an average engagement rate per post of 1.92% compared to 1.74% for images and 1.45% for videos. What’s more, when full use of all 10 slides is made, that average engagement rate jumps to 2.07%.

Ready to get started? Instagram Carousel scheduling is available on Later’s Starter, Growth, and Advanced plans.


How to Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts

With Later’s scheduling tools, you can plan and prep carousel posts ahead of time from desktop or mobile.

Here’s how to get started with the Later desktop app:

Step #1: Select Your Images or Videos

  1. Go to Later on the web
  2. Go to the Calendar and make sure the correct profile is selected.
  3. In your Media Library, check off one or more images or videos for your carousel post
  4. Drag the media items to your Calendar or click Multi-Photo Post to schedule

schedule instagram carousel posts

Step #2: Edit Your Carousel Post

  1. Write a caption for your post
  2. Rearrange media items by dragging them around
  3. Hit Edit on individual media items to crop them and add filters
  4. Change the scheduled date and time
  5. Click Save

Instagram requires all photos and videos to be the same crop (square, landscape, or portrait). If they’re not the same, Instagram will automatically crop all photos to the ratio of the first image.

To schedule an Instagram carousel post on mobile (iOS or Android), follow the step-by-step guide here.

Once you’ve scheduled your post, you will receive a mobile app notification when it’s time to publish.

Instagram carousel posts must be published through mobile notification publishing. They cannot be auto-published due to Instagram limitations.

But all you’ll need to do is open the Later app, follow the steps, and all your pre-prepared content will be ready to go in seconds. It’s that easy!

Level-up your Instagram strategy by planning, previewing, and scheduling your carousel posts in advance with Later!


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Jillian is a content marketer at Later based in the UK. She is an aficionado of London brunch spots and an avid listener of true crime podcasts. You can connect with her on Instagram @jillwrren.

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