15 million per episode, the brutal price of this live-action

The series that Netflix is ​​preparing will have a scandalous budget to represent the original work seen on Nickelodeon faithfully.

Television productions are becoming more excessive. For example, since Game of Thrones has released an episode of “The Battle of the Bastards,” the series has been adding to their epic. On the small screen to the point of equaling the great film productions that until recently were untouchable in that sense. . It is no longer necessary to go to movie theaters to see great battles, careful scenarios, and fast-paced action sequences, the series offer that and more.

According to the latest reports, which come from  ScreenRant , the  live-action  that Netflix is ​​preparing on  Avatar: The   Last Airbender will have a price of 15 million per episode . This real brutality only serves as a preview of the production coming to us. Comes on top Keep in mind that the original Avatar fiction seen on Nickelodeon has stunning mythological and fantastic scenarios that could not be faithfully represented in  M. Night Shyamalan ‘s version. The platform has injected a succulent amount of money to solve that problem.

That budget of 15 million dollars per episode  would add a total of 120 million costs only in being able to make each chapter . In other words, this  live-action  of  Avatar: The Last Airbender  should not be taken lightly at all, basically because it is already part of a budget that will allow it to look like never before on screen. Of course, there are series like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power that have more money, but not all animation adaptations have the same portfolio.

There is no release date for  Avatar: The Legend  on Netflix, and it may  take a while to get a look at a trailer  considering the material to be covered. We will have to focus on other fantastic fiction on more platforms.


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