41-year-old Kim Kardashian Showed Tender Shots With Her Lover. TV Star And 28-Year-Old Pete Davidson Rested Together

The mother-of-four changed after she started dating the young comedian. Fans noticed that Kim had a characteristic gleam in her eyes and a lust for life.

It is not surprising since, during the relationship with Kanye West, the star managed to go out in endless fuss and stress.

Now the model is happy next to Davidson, which he does not forget to remind. The brightest participant in the reality show “The Kardashian Family” unveiled cute shots with her lover.

In the pictures, Kim and Pete spend time at the house of Kourtney Kardashian. The lovers rested by the pool and in a large comfortable living room.

Despite the fact that West’s ex-wife and the Saturday Night Live actor were not alone in the house, this did not bother them.

The lovers kissed and, in every possible way, showed warm feelings to each other. Kim touched the artist’s chest with her feet, and he gently looked at her.

Kardashian fans noted that the model is incredibly happy with Pete. “Kim looked younger next to him,” “They have incredibly happy eyes. This cannot be faked”, “They are cute,” “So happy and in love.

I hope Kim has found peace of mind next to Pete”, “Admire them,” “Wow! I put my legs on my boyfriend’s chest! Fans discussed.

Pete showed off his new tattoos, which he dedicated to his beloved. The comedian decided to immortalize the words “Jasmine and Aladdin” on his body in honor of their first kiss in a sketch for SNL, where the stars played famous characters.

In addition, Davidson proved his love not only for Kardashian but also for her children, having made a tattoo with the first letters of their names. O

In a previous post, Kim and Pete’s romance became known in the fall, but Kanye West’s ex-wife refused to give any comments.

Only six months later, Kardashian finally not only spoke about the relationship but also began to show photos from a joint vacation.

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