79-Year-Old Calvin Klein, for the first time in a long time appeared in public with a 34-Year-Old boyfriend

Calvin Klein has been dating model Kevin Baker for several years now. During all this time, the couple never spoke publicly about their relationship, but they also did not try to hide it.

The day before, the lovers were filmed on a walk-in in West Hollywood. The famous designer and his boyfriend went on a date to an Italian cafe.

For the first time, the relationship of the couple became known in 2016. Prior to that, Klein had an affair with pornographic actor Nick Gruber the lovers broke up in 2012 after two years of marriage.

In addition, the famous fashion designer has two marriages with women behind him. He has a daughter with his first wife.

He met Baker through work Kevin was Calvin’s muse, but then the professional relationship turned into a romantic one.

The 45-year age difference does not seem to bother the couple at all. In those rare moments when the paparazzi manage to catch them, they look very happy and in love.

In a previous post, After breaking up with young actor Nick Gruber in 2012, after a year and a half of relationship, nothing was known about the personal life of the legendary fashion designer Calvin Klein.

However, recently, Western journalists managed to find out that the designer has been in a relationship with 29-year-old Kevin Baker for several months.

According to Instinct Magazine, the young man was initially the designer’s muse, and then their relationship grew into a romantic one.

Calvin Klein and Kevin Baker have been out together more than once but have not confirmed their relationship. But more recently, the paparazzi caught a couple on the beach of St. Barts, where they were nicely sunbathing on sunbeds.

Almost nothing is known about the new lover of the fashion designer, only that he has a twin brother Joel and that they both work as a model.

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