A Black Poet Who Was Imprisoned In The 1960s Is Said To Have Had His Songs Stolen By Johnny Depp And Jeff Beck

Since its release in mid-July, 18 by Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck has garnered a lot of praise, but it now seems that the album reviews have vanished into thin air.

Allegations of unintended stealing are the reason for this, as one of the songs, Sad Motherf**kin’ Parade, contains a number of phrases from uncredited poetry from the 1960s.

Slim Wilson, a black homeless man who was convicted of murder and afterward imprisoned for armed robbery, wrote the song ” Robo Ben. “

In 1964, while incarcerated in a Missouri state prison, Wilson met American folklorist, Bruce Jackson. Wilson’s real identity is still unknown, but Jackson called him “one of the best storytellers” he had ever met.

Only in 1976 did the author take part in the production of Jackson’s album, and it wasn’t until decades later that the enigmatic wanderer unexpectedly reappeared. Bruce, who is currently a well-respected professor at the University at Buffalo, thinks that Depp and Beck totally ” plagiarized ” parts of their books.

There were only two phrases that Depp and Beck contributed throughout the entire piece. The remainder is taken from Slim’s speech for my book. Like it, I have never encountered anything.

This is the first time someone has simply plagiarized something and added their name to it in the 50 years that I have been writing lyrics, the man claimed.

Musicians were compelled by law to give credit to compositions protected by copyright. Another lawsuit might be in store for the controversial star because the author’s son claimed that the liner notes do not accurately indicate who wrote these lyrics.

His son Michael Lee Jackson commented, “In my opinion, it is just improbable that Johnny Depp or anyone else could sit down and compose these words without borrowing them from a book.”

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