A Favorite Beauty Item Of Singer Billie Eilish Is The $5 Aquaphor All-Purpose Cream, Which Is Available In US Clinics

She mentioned this Vogue clip in which she does the steps of nightly skincare while at a concert.

“It is really with me 24 hours a day. It is in my pocket no matter where I am, who I am with, or what I do. “This is the foundation of my cosmetics and gives me a radiant, clear glow,” gushed Billie Eilish about the lotion.

The artist acknowledged that she sometimes skips lipstick altogether. Eilish emphasized that she does not like lip glosses very much because they are sticky and have an odd flavor.

The musician also revealed that she created her own makeup for the production, that her older brother Finneas taught her skincare basics when she was 12 years old, and that she stopped eating dairy and gluten, which helped her skin condition.

Billy Eilish, a singer, condemned both the Missouri statute that outright prohibits abortion and the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the constitutional right to abortion. She spoke of June 24 as “a really gloomy day for women in the United States” from the stage at Glastonbury.

The next song Eilish played was “Your Power,” which she wrote, “about older guys exploiting their status.” The song’s dedication was made to all those who contributed to the vote to outlaw abortion.

After the US Supreme Court’s ruling allowing states to choose whether or not to allow for the artificial termination of pregnancy, a bill entirely outlawing abortion went into effect in Missouri earlier this year.

Prior to all this, Missouri had a trigger law that would immediately outlaw abortion across the nation following the governor’s announcement if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned.

“According to the DG statement that was just signed, Missouri has just become the first state in the nation to ban abortion. This is a significant day for the sanctity of life, according to Eric Schmitt, state attorney general.

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