A Remix Of The Song “Break My Soul” By Beyoncé And Madonna Has Been Published

The inclusion of a pop music diva in a hit song is perhaps the best thing ever. Doubtless, two diva’s! Beyoncé chose to offer us another gift even though fans are still processing the emotional impact of the release of her seventh studio album, Renaissance.

We now have the opportunity to listen to the official remix of the song Break My Soul, which was created with the help of none other than Madonna and given the opulent moniker The Queens Remix.

Unfortunately, the song may only be bought via the official website at this time, as it is not yet accessible for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube.

The release was sent to Beyoncé as an MP3 file via email. Fans originally believed it was a rumor or a practical joke when the news first surfaced on Twitter.

However, the fascinating partnership was shortly confirmed by Parkwood Entertainment’s official account.
Actor and comedian Billy Eichner’s phrase, “I left my body and fly out of my apartment to another galaxy,” perfectly captured how we felt.

Throughout her ten-year career, Madonna has experimented with dance music, and Beyoncé’s most recent album demonstrates the superstar stretching new ground in the genre.

Fans may recall that the pop icon appeared in the music video for the singer’s 2015 song Bitch, I’m Madonna, and the singer herself is a founding investor in Tidal, a streaming service owned by Jay Z musicians, even though they have never worked together on a song.

Similar to Madonna, Beyoncé is well-liked in the LGBTQ community, and her most vocal expression of support for the LGBT community has been her most recent album.

She stated in an article before the album’s release that the effort was primarily about her family and gay followers.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to all the pioneers who were at the forefront of culture as well as to all the fallen angels, whose contributions have gone too long unacknowledged. This Christmas is for you, the artist concluded.

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