A resident of Germany accused the actor Ezra Miller of harassment

The scandal surrounding the young performer of the role of the Flash is gaining momentum. To the already numerous accusations of Ezra Miller , new ones were added.

A resident of Germany accused the actor of harassment, saying that everything happened at her home.

The testimony of the victim leads the publication of Variety. A girl named Nadia, who lived in Berlin, reports that she and Miller were friends for about two years, during which time they had a sexual relationship.

In February 2022, she invited the actor to her home; at first, everything went well, but then the landlady informed him that he should not smoke indoors, and his mood changed dramatically.

It just pissed him off. I asked him to leave 20 times, maybe more. He began to insult me, said the girl.
According to her, Miller walked around her apartment for a long time, touching things and scattering tobacco leaves on the floor.

The testimony of the victim was confirmed by five more people who communicated with Nadya after the incident. She pointed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office.

The publication also notes that during Miller’s stay in Iceland, he also had an unpleasant skirmish in a local bar.

There, he attacked a woman and even tried to choke her, which is confirmed by a video posted on the Web.

Recall that due to the previous scandals of Ezra Miller, there was information that he could lose his role in the DC Universe.

The Flash movie with him in the title role is due out soon, after which the studio is considering the option of refusing to cooperate with the actor.

It has been claimed that Miller will be fired from the DC Universe after the release of the upcoming Project The Flash , as allegations about the actor continue to surface.


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