A Review Of Miles Teller And Keleigh Sperry’s Relationship As Sperry Encourages Fans To “Thirst” Over The Top Gun: Maverick Star.

With Top Gun: Maverick launching in cinemas with flying colors, actor Miles Teller, who plays Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in the film, is seeing an equal surge of popularity. The Whiplash actor’s wife is very supportive of all the buzz around her husband these days as seen in a recent tik tok that showed Miles and wife Keleigh Sperry in a romantic moment while the song Take My Breath Away by Berlin played in the back, a Top Gun Reference no doubt. Keleigh Captioned the post saying, We’re all team rooster here, thirst on…” refering to Mile’s character in the movie and to the fact that fans are falling for Miles’ character left and right.

Miles and Keleigh first met back in 2013 at the after party of a Black Keys show. Miles recalls that it took him multiple tries to make it happen with keleigh stating that the first few times he talked it didn’t really work out for the actor but after a while he got her to dance with him.

Keleigh recalls a very different version of the same event, stating that the model found Miles charming and adorable from the moment she saw him. A week after this event, the couple went on their first date.

The couple ended up dating for 6 years after that when finally in 2017, Miles decided it was time to pop the big question and proposed to Keleigh while the two were out on an African safari. Miles recalls that he employed the help of a tour guide at the safari for the proposal, asking the guide to tie a rose around a tree with a letter that had a message inside it, no doubt of Miles’ proposal.

2 years later, the couple married in a destination wedding at Hawaii. The state is special to Keleigh Sperry as she and her family would vacation there every year in the summer and when she started dating Miles’, he would accompany the family there.

The two have had a very successful and happy marriage since then. Keleigh’s social media is filled with adorable pictures and videos of the duo sharing details of their married life and fans just cannot get enough of it.

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