According To A Default Judgment, Celebrity Big Brother Choreographer And Actor Todrick Hall Owes The Sum

According to TMZ, Todrick Hall has been sued for over $102,000 in overdue rent on his Sherman Oaks house.

A judge has ordered the 37-year-old choreographer and Celebrity Big Brother star to pay $100,000 in penalties and an extra $2,000 in attorney expenses, as reported by TMZ, citing court documents. It was reported that Hall owed $30,000 in behind rent, even though he had stopped paying his landlord on a monthly basis.

PEOPLE reached out to a Hall spokesperson for clarification but did not receive a reply right away.

Legal documents acquired by PEOPLE allege that the YouTuber owes $60,000 in unpaid rent, as was first reported in April. Avi and Orna Lavian, the homeowners, said that the Hall reportedly did not pay the $30,000 in rent due in February and March.

According to the allegations, Hall was sent a three-day notice on March 3 demanding payment or eviction from the property. However, Hall allegedly did not meet the deadline.

Hall revealed a year ago that his home had been broken into, and TMZ stated that he had lost purses and other goods worth $50,000. Thieves allegedly gained entry to Hall’s home by smashing a window when he was out in London.

I am ok. According to his Twitter, this occurred “just after my cat sitter left for the night.” The fact that it was probably someone I know and trust who did this makes me feel sick to my stomach, but at least my pets are secure.

As it turns out, the house featured in the YouTube video Bought My Dream House is the same one where Hall put up the cast of CBS’ Big Brother 24 after the season finale in August. The article described the 8,000-square-foot mansion with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms as “stuff I fell in love with” in the article.

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