According To Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles’ Performance Elevated The Action To ‘Another level’

When Harry Styles acted in her coming thriller Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde became tearful.

Costar/director Wilde described the scene as “weird, full of Nazi undertones and a terrifying amount of masculine wrath” in a cover story about Styles for the September issue of Rolling Stone.

Wilde, 38, revealed that “In the “black as hell” scene, Jack (played by Styles, 28) was instructed to join Frank (Chris Pine) onstage and yell their spooky catchphrase, “Whose world is it? Again and again, “Ours!”

But Harry pushed it a step farther, and she continued. He was so immersed at the moment that he started shouting the lines to the audience with a primal roar that was much more forceful than what we had anticipated for the scene.

Even Pine, 41, withdrew and let Styles take the lead after the scene in which Jack receives a promotion at a workplace gala “had us all in tears,” according to Wilde.

She claimed that the cameraman had followed Harry as he prowled the stage like a rabid beast. “At the monitor, we were all in awe. Harry might have been astonished, too. For an actor, those are the ideal times because you’re absolutely outside of yourself.”

At CinemaCon in April, Wilde released the first full teaser for the historical drama, her second big-screen movie as a director after 2019’s Booksmart. She praised Styles’ performance as “really a revelation” and called the production “ambitious.”

Styles revealed that the sentiment is reciprocal in a May interview with Howard Stern “Olivia was an excellent director, and I really enjoyed myself. I believe there is something that, obviously, makes acting quite unpleasant occasionally.

I believe you must have a lot of trusts.” The former member of One Direction elaborated in his interview with Rolling Stone on his decision to keep his sexual orientation a secret for so long, as well as why he chose to do so.

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