According To Reports, Charlie Sheen Has Resolved A Lawsuit With A Former Lover Who Alleged The Actor Purposefully Transmitted Her HIV In 2015

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen has settled a lawsuit brought by an ex-girlfriend who claims the actor purposefully introduced her to HIV. She allegedly received $120,000 as part of the agreement.

In her first filing in June 2017, the plaintiff, who is only referred to as Jane Doe in the court records, asserted that she had first met Sheen in September 2015 and that they had started engaging in intercourse soon after.

Initially, he is said to have worn a condom, but as of October 26, 2015, he reportedly switched to having unsafe intercourse with the woman, who is described in the legal documents as a “Russian émigré.” She had questioned him whether he had any STDs before the skin-to-skin contact and he had said, “‘I’m good,'” she said.

He reportedly offered her medication to prevent getting the infection after confessing to her that he was, in fact, HIV positive, which he had known since 2011.

Then, she reportedly went on to obtain additional preventative care at an urgent care facility before questioning him about his conduct a few days later. He allegedly regarded himself as noble throughout the debate for telling her about his HIV status in the first place and said that he hadn’t notified her before their unprotected sex since it wasn’t her f-king business.

He apparently went on at length about how anti-viral medications weren’t necessary and were merely a product of handy medical rumors.

The entire claimed incident allegedly occurred just a few weeks before the Two, and a Half Men actor confessed to Matt Lauer on the Today show in November 2015 that he had been diagnosed with HIV.

This complaint was not the first to accuse Sheen of intentionally exposing a previous sexual partner to HIV, nor was it the first to make claims about the actor’s other despicable actions related to his relationships.

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