After A Significant Drop In His Net Worth, Kanye West’s Fans Created A GoFundMe To Turn Him Back Into A Billionaire

Fans of the troubled rapper Kanye West have begun a GoFundMe campaign to turn him back into a millionaire.

After Adidas fired West last week, his net worth took significant damage, prompting supporters to start many pages with the pithy theme Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again, with a fundraising target of $1 billion.

According to AllHipHop’s reporting, the original fundraiser only brought in $5, and it has since been taken down along with any copycats that may have appeared in its stead.

Since then, dozens of people have shared links to their GoFundMe accounts, asking others to donate money to them so they can become billionaires instead of West.

After the Grammy winner stated in 2016 that he was $53 million in debt, a supporter of his established a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary funds to assist him, the supporter, Jeremy Piatt, raised $57,398 through crowdsourcing. Still, West denied the offer of financial support. Instead, the funds were given to the nonprofit Notes for Notes, which supports musical education.

After the excellent connection between West and Adidas ended, the most recent fundraising efforts were underway.

Forbes estimates that the 45-year-old rapper’s net worth would be closer to $400 million if it weren’t for his collaboration with an athletic firm to produce his Yeezy clothing line. The agreement is responsible for $1.5 billion of the rapper’s total wealth.

Following a series of anti-Semitic comments West has made over the past few weeks, Adidas, Balenciaga, Vogue, and Gap have severed their connections with him.

According to a statement released by the corporation on October 25, antisemitism and other hate speech are not tolerated under any circumstances. Ye’s recent words and actions are reprehensible, bigoted, and dangerous, contradicting the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and justice.

Four out of West’s five streams of income have either been discontinued or severely impacted, according to recent statements made by anonymous sources to Page Six. These statements indicate that West could face a financial problem within the next few months.

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