After Being Banned From Twitter and Instagram, Kanye West Has Decided To Purchase The Conservative Social Network Parler

The parent business of Parler, Parlement Technologies, issued a release on Monday expressing their excitement over the signing of a preliminary agreement for Ye, previously identified as Kanye West, to buy the Parler platform.

The acquisition ensures that Parler will play a future role in developing an ecosystem that cannot be stopped and in which all voices are encouraged to participate, as the release said further.

In a remark of his own, George Farmer, the CEO of Parler, noted that the acquisition of Parler by Ye will boost the company’s ability to develop an ecosystem that cannot be canceled. Nobody should have to resort to self-censorship because they don’t know which of their legally protected expressions will get them kicked out of a venue.

Nobody, not even a person or a company, should have to fear the prospect of being completely removed from their platform for nothing more than the presentation of opposing opinions. Parler was the only one to experience this. Independent thinking is far safer than engaging in groupthink, which has been true from the beginning of time.

We intend for Parler to continue to be a space in which anyone and everyone are free to think, listen, and express their minds. We are going to keep up our efforts to end censorship as well as cancel culture and dictatorship.

The 45-year-old rapper, who recently acquired Parlor, had his Twitter account suspended earlier this month after one of his posts was found to violate the guidelines outlined by the social media platform. This led to West’s decision to purchase Parlor.

West made several anti-semitic comments in a message that has since been deleted, including one in which he said he was going to “go death con three on Jewish people.”

According to NBC News and CNN, Twitter made this decision in response to a move made by Instagram to restrict the Grammy Award winner’s account and delete information from his page after he broke the rules and guidelines that govern the social media network.

A spokeswoman for Meta did not disclose to either source what content broke their standards; nevertheless, one post that West shared that has since been deleted was criticized by many users.

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