After Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral, David Beckham Spoke Highly Of The Royal Family’s Love And Compassion

The sight of the casket holding the Queen made Beckham emotional As the nation mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, David Beckham expressed his admiration for the supportive royal family.

…and the Queen has returned to her palace. We bid farewell to Her Majesty The Queen today. This week the world has mourned the passing of a truly exceptional, inspirational, and compassionate leader,” Beckham wrote on Instagram next to a portrait of the casket of the late queen.

He went on to say that thousands of people from all walks of life had gathered to demonstrate their appreciation for the monarchy. We have witnessed a wonderful family, along with the magnificent ritual and tradition, as they have mourned the loss of a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Before Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8 at the age of 96, Beckham expressed his sorrow on social media. My heart breaks at the news of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. As he put it in part on Instagram, “what an outpouring of love and respect we saw for the Platinum Jubilee for her life of service.” The depth of our sorrow tonight is a testament to what she meant to the people of this country and the world.

Long live the King, the 47-year-old former athlete said, referencing the late monarch’s “history of dedication and devotion to duty.” For more than 12 hours on Friday, the renowned soccer player queued up to pay their respects to the late queen, who reigned for more than 70 years, while she lay in Westminster Hall. Word on the street is that he tried to brighten folks up by buying them donuts.

When he finally reached the casket containing the Queen, he was spotted wiping away tears and bending his head in respect.

The first couple of hours were rather quiet for Beckham, but as dawn broke, crowds began to recognize the celebrity and ask for selfies, which he reportedly denied until he had offered his devotion to Her Majesty.


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