After Their Surprise, Las Vegas Wedding, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Want To Host A Larger Gathering

Following their understated Las Vegas wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck intend to throw a “huge party.”
After their unexpected wedding in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck, according to the publication’s source, will host a large wedding celebration with friends and family.

“A honeymoon has not yet been planned by them. According to Jennifer, every day spent with Ben is like a honeymoon. She’s thrilled and wants to spend her golden years with Ben, he continued.

In a tiny Las Vegas church on July 16, 52-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 49-year-old Ben Affleck exchanged vows. Later, the singer claimed that the wedding was exactly what she and Ben Affleck intended in her newsletter, On the JLo.

“When love is real, the only thing important in marriage is each other and the vow we make to love, care, understand, be patient, loving, and good to one another,” the singer said in her newsletter. There it was. And a whole lot more. The best evening of our life.

Following their encounter on the set of the movie “Gigli,” Ben proposed to Jennifer in 2002. The couple broke off their engagement in 2004, nevertheless. After parting ways, the couple didn’t ignite romance speculations once more until they were photographed holding hands while on vacation in Montana in May 2021.

After rekindling their romance in 2017, the couple announced their engagement in April. Both Lopez and Affleck moved on to new relationships and began families after their separation.

Months after her breakup with Affleck, whom she later divorced in 2004, JLo wed Marc Anthony. Twins Max and Emme are their two children together.

While Jennifer Garner and Affleck were married from 2005 through 2018, they had three children together: son Samuel, daughters Violet and Seraphina, and son Samuel.


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