Ahead Of Her Death, Kris Jenner Has Revealed That She Wants To Be Cremated And Her Ashes Turned Into Necklaces For Her Kids

After months of agonizing discomfort, Kris, 66, underwent hip replacement surgery on Thursday’s edition of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The operation was successful, but it has caused Kris and her children to rethink their funeral preparations and those of the family as a whole.

While Kris was recuperating in bed next to her other daughter Khloé Kardashian, she told Kylie Jenner that Kim Kardashian had begged the doctor to preserve her bones so that she could use them to make jewelry.

Wow, that’s a strange situation. After Kylie, 25, replied, Kris, added, “It’s creepy.” The 38-year-old Khloé recalled her mother’s earlier request that her ashes be burned and fashioned into jewelry for the family.

Agree; that’s a great plan! There was a reply from Kris. That’s weird, Khloé insisted. Kris firmly disabused her daughter of such notions. Khloé persisted, asking why they had to bury them in the first place. Although the Bible discourages cremation, I prefer that option. I mean, why the heck can’t we?

Kris revealed that Kylie had told her she didn’t want her mother’s ashes burned.

Khloé continued her confessional by saying, “My family and I, we speak about wills and death, and we tell one another what our desires would be if something bad were to occur.” So, for example, even if I end up in a coma, I still want my nails done once a week because I know people will want to see me.

Kris called Kylie again and asked, “Remember when we were going to go pick out our mausoleum?” Khloé remarked on how big of a family they have, and Kylie reacted hesitantly.

Are you aware of how many children we have? ‘What’s up?’ she enquired. So what are we going to do? We’ll need the whole dang thing!

That’s it; we’ll make it a big deal! What Kris remarked. Kylie, on the other hand, had a different plan. Let’s put a limit on the number of generations permitted in here.

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