Ahead Of The Amazing Screening Of His HBO Max Documentary The Last Movie Stars, Ethan Hawke Happily Strolls With His Daughter Maya Hawke On His Arm

The stars Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke met while filming the science fiction movie Gattaca, and their on-screen relationship was able to effectively carry over into real life when they got married in 1998, one year after the film’s debut.

Their first child, Maya Hawke, was born the same year and is currently, without a doubt, one of Hollywood’s most young talented actors.

The star of the television shows “Stranger Things” and “Little Women” inherited the skill from both parents, despite the ongoing argument about whether she looks more like her mother or father.

The young lady enjoys great chemistry with both Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman; Maya frequently posts selfies with them on social media and fully supports them in all of their undertakings.

She, therefore, came to support his latest endeavor, a series of films titled “The Last Movie Stars,” the other day with her father. Dad and daughter swiftly made their way to the theatre where the premiere was occurring while holding hands and grinning at the photographers and media.

By the time the father-daughter pair exited the cinema, they would shortly be split up, with Ethan appearing to be taken away to fulfill some media obligations.

In a previous post, The stylists gave the actress an outfit suited for a business meeting for the next scene’s filming: a chic light beige blouse with fantastical embellishments, a fitting gray-green jacket, cropped trousers, and black leather loafers.

Huge mother-of-pearl earrings and a roomy burgundy bag complete the star’s attire.

Uma Thurman, 52, and Samuel L. Jackson, her co-star from Pulp Fiction, will rejoin in the movie Murder Room.

The central conflict of the tale involves the descent of a murderer into an intricate money laundering scam. Thurman was cast as an art dealer in a potential project, and Jackson would play a mafia leader.


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