Alana Thompson Also Known As Honey Boo Boo Doesn’t Seem Too Excited About Her Weight Loss Journey; Says She Has No Motivation For Gym Or Diet

Alana Thompson is one of the most favorite Tv personalities in the world. She’s been on Tv since she was a young child and has been in the eyes of the world since. A lot of her fans have grown up with her and have loved her since the beginning of her acting career.

Recently, it was reported that Alana Thompson was going under the knife to lose some of her weight. Alana Thompson is meant to go to New York in late August. She’s supposed to meet one of the top doctors who is known for his skills in suture sculpting endoscopic sleeves.

The procedure is expensive at $1300 to make her go from 275lbs to 15olbs. She chose to go under the knife because she believes that her overweight state is because of her genetics and the only way that she can achieve weight loss is if she gets operated on.

She has said before that she has tried dieting and exercise however it has not worked out for her. Many people are questioning if it is even legal for her to go under the knife so early in her life as she is not of the legal age of consent. However, her elder sister and legal guardian Lauryn have signed the procedure to be done and she supports her little sister in whatever she wishes to do.

However, Alana Thompson has said that she is not completely ready for the procedure. She also stated that she knows that a healthy diet, as well as a  consistent gym routine, would help her lose weight but she prefers to go the faster route. She stated that she had no motivation for either the gym or the healthy diet and it was very tough on her.

Her elder sister Lauryn has advised Alana Thompson to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the weight that she desires. However, Alana Thompson believes that she would instantly have a lifestyle change as soon as she loses her weight. Alana is very scared of the procedure that is about to happen to her. She is afraid of something happening to her while the procedure is ongoing.

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