Amber Heard’s Former Insurance Company Is Taking Steps Not To Be Held Liable For The Actress’ Legal Costs And Damages In A Defamation Case Against Her Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

Last month, a six-week trial in Virginia ended with a jury largely siding with the ex-spouse, awarding the 59-year-old actor more than $10 million in damages.

Heard herself was awarded just $2 million after winning just one of three counterclaims for defamation.

The day after the verdict, actress Elaine Bredehoft’s lawyer said that the ward plans to appeal, and she definitely cannot afford to pay such an amount.

By this time, Amber had only spent $6 million on legal fees. Not surprisingly, Heard, last Friday, demanded that the trial be canceled and a possible retrial, alleging that the wrong juror was present.

Also, on Friday, New York Marine and General Insurance Co. filed a lawsuit demanding not to cover legal fees and defense costs in a multi-million dollar lawsuit or subsequent appeal. The insurance company said the $1 million policy did not cover the actress’s “intentional acts.”

“The jury’s factual findings found that Heard’s liability was due to willful acts.

In accordance with the public policy of California and under California Insurance Code 533, the policy does not provide liability coverage, as reflected in the judgment issued on June 24, 2022,” they said in a statement.

This California law states that the insurer is not liable for losses caused by the willful actions of the insured person. Apparently, Amber still has to pay her own bills.

In a previous post, Amber Heard is not backing down yet and is preparing to deal a new blow to her ex-husband.

On Friday, opposition legal teams met in the Fairfax Courtroom with Judge Penny Azkarate. Instead of entering into a settlement agreement, the actress’ representatives said they would appeal the outcome of the six-week contempt trial.

“As you said in yesterday’s congressional hearing, if you are innocent, you do not apologize. And if you know you are right, you will not drop the appeal,” said Heard.

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