Andie MacDowell declares she’s more comfortable with gray hair

Andie MacDowell has stated that she likes not to cover her gray hair. She spoke about this in an interview with People magazine.

According to the actress, she does not regret that she stopped dyeing her hair during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in an interview, the actress admitted that she was jealous of her older sister, who turned completely gray and considered her more beautiful.

“During COVID-19, I saw the gray roots of my hair, the wrinkles on my face, and I loved it. I felt that I would be happier. And I became happier. I really like it,” she added.

McDowell also talked about aging in general and about accepting your body at all stages of life.

“As you age, your belly gets bigger too. And I gave birth to three children. So I constantly have to work on loving this part of my body.

It’s so difficult,” she admitted. And although fans, friends, and family are enjoying the transfer, his team did not appreciate him making such a big decision without their input.

Earlier, It was reported earlier, what style of clothing suits older women. An example to follow is a woman who absolutely manages to be in trend this is Anna Wintour.

The editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue magazine is 72 years old. Her favorite pieces are mid-calf dresses with floral prints, skinny coats, high-top boots, and, of course, sunglasses.

Undoubtedly, Wintour has much more opportunities to dress in style than most women in this world. However, you can copy the images of the editor-in-chief of Vogue by purchasing clothes in mass-market stores.

In recent years, another inspiration has been Maye Musk, 74, the mother of SpaceX and Tesla creator Elon Musk. Her wardrobe may not be called basic, but she is definitely a worthy influencer for older women who want to look modern and draw attention to themselves.

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