Anne Hathaway And Jeremy Strong On Their Gorgeous Friendship And New Film Armageddon Time

In the recently released coming-of-age film Armageddon Time, Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway play a married couple. In real life, though, the two enjoy a special connection.

The article was published in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, which hit newsstands on Friday. In it, the two discuss their first encounter with one another while working on the film Serenity, which will be released in 2019.

Says Hathaway, the link eventually became more robust and personal because I spent time with Jeremy’s character while we were on Serenity. So on that particular project, there were times when we got to have intimate moments, and those were just great.

The 39-year-old Oscar winner recalls how their lives opened up comparably at a similar time in the sense that we both had parents at around the same time. This is how their lives began to resemble one another.

She argues that I should look at it from my point of view, and I can see that this beautiful friendship has taken hold.

While Strong, 43, and his wife, Emma Wall, have been blessed with three girls, Hathaway, 35, and her husband, Adam Shulman, has two kids. Strong says his second daughter began to walk in the house he and Hathaway shared with friends and that her first steps were taken there.

In their second picture together, titled Armageddon Time, the two of them play a Jewish middle-class couple raising two boys in a semi-autobiographically plot based on the writer and director James Gray’s childhood in Queens.

The winner of the Emmy for Succession acknowledges that there wasn’t a lot of conversation amongst the cast and crew when they were working on the project. However, when it was necessary, we acted accordingly. An unspoken trust exists between Annie and myself, as well as between the two of us and each other. Annie and I both felt this trust in each other. We can communicate effectively with one another thanks to our shared jargon.

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