Anne Heche Has Been Declared Legally Dead And Is On Life Support For The Moment

Tragedy struck recently as it was revealed to the public that Anne Heche had been involved in a terrible car crash in Los Angeles on the 5th of August. Anne’s car was seen speeding down an LA street and crashing into a home, resulting in a fire. No one in the home was harmed but the fire was quite big and took quite a while to put out while Anne was still stuck in a car. A neighbor reported coming to Anne’s aid and asking her how she was to which she responded she was not okay.

At first, it was reported that Anne was conscious and had spoken to the first responders. Then, the situation became more grave as it was reported that Anne had lost consciousness and was in a coma. The latest news is the most heartbreaking of all as it has been revealed that Anne is on life support and will soon be taken off it and she is not expected to survive. Hence, Anne Heche has been declared legally dead at the age of 53.

The news is a shock to everyone who knew Anne and has sent the entire industry into a state of mourning.

Anne was popularly known for her work in projects like Six Days, Seven Nights, Psycho 1998, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Gracie’s Choice Aftermath, The Legend of Korra, Chicago P.D., and Dancing with the Stars.

Anne Heche popularly dated talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres for 3 years.

Upon hearing the news, many names from the industry including Rosanna Arquette and James Gunn took to social media to express their sorrow and to post tributes to Anne Heche.

Anne was an actress beloved by many and will without a doubt be missed by fans, friends, and family alike.

Anne was born in Aurora, Ohio on May 25, 1969.

Anne will be appearing on the screens soon as several of her projects were completed and already in post-production at the time of the tragic and unfortunate incident of her death.



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