Ari Fletcher Lost Her Brand Deal With Savage x Fenty Over Domestic Violence Comments On ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ Podcast

Celebrities can sometimes find themselves in bad situations especially online. While many celebrities can just maneuver their way into staying relevant, sometimes they can make comments that offend their fans.

Ari Fletcher is one of the biggest influencers of our time however recently she’s been under heat for some of the comments she’s made. Ari had a brand deal with the popular brand ‘Savage x Fenty’ by Rihanna where she was the brand ambassador. However, recent reports claim that she’s lost the title.

The information was revealed by Ari herself on the BET+ show “The Impact ATL” where Ari talked about losing six figures from the Savage x Fenty deal. Ari is seen speculating with her friends on why her Instagram was shut down to which she claims she recklessly cursed out fans under their Instagram stories. She also mentioned the podcast ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ with Mona Love where she had made some comments about domestic violence that did not go over well with the audience.

According to Ari, “I interviewed with my friend Mona. I said something about an n—- choking me or grabbing a gun or something. But it was like we was joking around,” she said during her confessional. “People were commenting about domestic violence, saying, ‘Oh why would you say that?’ What I did was I got on to live like I don’t give an f—. Not meaning I don’t give an f— about domestic violence but I don’t give an f— about what y’all talking bout. This is something else with myself I need to check. Like, stop reacting.”

Ari has claimed that the experience has taught her that she can’t rely on brands for her income in case of stuff like this happens again. She mentioned that she knew she had to create her products now so that she won’t be felt moneyless when issues do arise in her brand deals.

Ari received a lot of backlashes for her comments but she insistently stated that no one cared. The comments were hurtful to a lot of people but speculation is there that Rihanna removed her from the company because Rihanna herself is a domestic abuse survivor.

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