As Organ Donation And Life Support Are Cut Off, Anne Heche Will Get An Honorary Walk

Us Weekly has confirmed that on Sunday, August 14, Anne Heche will be taken off of life support and given an honor walk for her organ donors. From “Another World” to Movie Stardom: Anne Heche Over the Decades

Since Friday, August 12, when she was ruled declared dead at age 53 due to the lack of activity in the brain, the deceased actress has been on life support to maintain her heart pumping. Her body was carried on life support, though, while her organs were assessed for donation.

On Sunday, August 12, Heche’s life support will be switched off as her organs are extracted for donation, a spokesman for the Donnie Brasco actress has confirmed. In addition, a ceremony termed an Honor Walk will be held in her honor.

Hospital personnel respectfully line the road from the donor’s hospital room to the surgery room just before the organs are collected for donation, thanking the donor for their gift of saving people’s lives.

Prior to completing an Honor Walk, healthcare centers frequently obtain permission from the family, and the next of kin often follow their deceased loved one to the operating room.

Heche was deceased on Friday, August 5, following an automobile accident that left her with severe burns and head injuries.

The vehicle was reportedly speeding while going eastbound on Preston Way in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, which verified this to Us on August 5.

Heche suffered terrible wounds when the car caught fire. The Six Days Seven Nights actor, however, was certified by the Los Angeles Fire Department to be awake and capable of speaking before being taken to the Grossman Burn Center at the West Hills hospital following the fire, which required 59 firefighters for more than an hour to put out.

The actress’s representative informed Us a day after the tragedy that she was “still in a normal position.” Still, on Monday, August 8, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant slipped into a coma.

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