At The Balenciaga Show, Nicole Kidman Makes Gags About Her Appearance

Perhaps the most astonishing couture presentation this year can be properly referred to as the latest Balenciaga show, which was held in Paris in early July.

Along with notable models like Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid, Demna Gvasalia also welcomed brand supporters, like Nicole Kidman , to the show. To be honest, a lot of fans were taken aback by this surprising pairing.

A complicated dress with an asymmetrical top was worn by the actress. Nicole found the clothing to be so unpleasant that she had a hard time walking down the trail. Naturally, there was a tonne of funny memes on this subject online.

Nicole was delighted with the video and commented: “Gotcha. Will be studying”. Internet users also appreciated the joke and, at the same time, were happy to see that Kidman is not shy about making fun of himself.

Kidman even retweeted one of these videos, demonstrating her penchant for self-irony. She used a Tiktok fan video and shared it on her personal profile.

In the video, a man mocks the actress’ ungainly step. The caption for the video said, “Boarding a flight, but in the vein of Nicole Kidman during the Balenciaga presentation.”

Nicole expressed her delight at the video by saying, “Gotcha. Going to be studying, Internet users enjoyed the joke and were also relieved to see that Kidman isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

As she clapped for the winners, Kidman’s fingers were abnormally splayed; only the heels of her palms appeared to make touch.

The Moulin Rouge! The actor shrugged off the incident and revealed why she hadn’t intended her fingers to touch when she appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show a few weeks later.

Kidman claimed she didn’t want to tarnish the 119 carats worth of diamonds on her hands, which also included a 13.58-carat platinum ring studded with a pear-shaped diamond.

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