At The US Grand Prix, Brad Pitt Snubbed Sky Sports Commentator Martin Brundle By Ignoring Him On The Starting Grid

One of the most well-known and well-liked pundits on the sport of Formula One was not included in the cast of the next film that Brad Pitt will produce and appear in. For this decision, Pitt has come under fire.

On Sunday, the 58-year-old actor from Bullet Train gave the Sky Sports analyst Martin Brundle the cold shoulder while they were on the beginning grid for the United States Grand Prix.

The British journalist, famous for his star-studded pre-race grid walks, attempted to talk to Brad Pitt while the interview was being broadcast live.

Brundle, 63 years old, asked Hamilton how much he had liked the race weekend in Austin, Texas, before inquiring about his future Formula One project, which is being co-produced by Lewis Hamilton. Thank you, guy; Pitt only responded and then ignored Brundle as he walked past.

The veteran F1 reporter made a witty remark about how the pit stops are obviously called Pitt stops because they don’t want you to talk to Brad Pitt. Infuriatingly for racing fans, Pitt spent three days interviewing team owners and drivers for his film but still seemed unaware that Brundle was a legend in the sport.

Omid Scobie, a journalist, wrote about the situation involving Brad Pitt developing a movie about Formula One without being aware that Martin Brundle is the voice of the sport.

The man who is acting in a film about Formula One, Brad Pitt, won’t even stop for thirty seconds to speak to Martin Brundle… Then, another individual jumped in and suggested that if you don’t want to be interviewed, you should get off the grid and create room for those who do.

A third supporter wrote; I’m not entirely sure I followed the reasoning behind Brad Pitt’s decision to avoid engaging in even a brief conversation with Martin Brundle while the grid walk took place. I mean, here is his chance to interact with the Formula One fan who is going to see his movie about Formula One.

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