At The Venice Film Festival, Florence Pugh Is ignoring The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Press Conference

Pugh is reportedly traveling into Venice from the set of Dune: Part Two and doesn’t arrive until after the press conference, according to a source familiar with the production. Although the Variety piece brought it to light, a second source said that this was always the intention.

Olivia Wilde, Pugh’s co-star in Don’t Worry, Darling, and the film’s director, have reportedly had a falling out. However, Wilde has since rejected that they have ever had a falling out and claimed that tabloid media is used to shame and pit women against one another. Pugh’s absence from the event has led to rumors that Pugh and Wilde are not on speaking terms.

Wilde, 38, responded to accusations that the Oscar contender, 26, and her co-star, Harry Styles , received unequal compensation: “There have been a bunch out there that I generally don’t give heed to.” But what truly irritated me was the silliness of created clickbait and the accompanying outrage over a nonexistent pay gap between our star and supporting performers.

I’ve worked in this industry as a woman for more than 20 years, and as a director, in particular, I’ve fought for both myself and other women. Those assertions have no foundation at all, Wilde continued.

When Pugh failed to comment on or share a post from Wilde in July that praised the film’s lead, fans also conjectured that the two ladies were engaged in a dispute. Pugh eventually did publish an article on the movie on August 11.

Don’t Worry Darling stars Pugh and Styles as a young couple named Alice and Jack who reside in the 1950s in Victory, California, a community that appears to be the epitome of a company town. Alice develops an obsession with the nature of her husband’s employment as the ideal society starts to show cracks. The theatrical release of Don’t Worry Darling is on September 23.

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