At The Venice Film Festival, Harry Styles Mocked The Claims That Chris Pine Was The Victim Of His Spitting

Harry Styles made fun of the rumors that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine at his nighttime New York City concert.

The Love On Tour: Madison Square Garden Is Harry’s House concert was opened by the British singer, who said, “This is our 10th show at Madison Square Garden, and it is great, amazing, fantastic to be again here.

We’re back, don’t worry. I just went to Venice to spit on Chris Pine. Audience members shouted and clapped for the musician as he grabbed his instrument after his statements.

Styles is supposedly seen in a now-viral video of the “Don’t Worry Darling” co-stars at the Venice Film Festival premiere Monday spitting on Pine’s lap, according to followers, who haven’t stopped talking about it.

The singer-turned-actor, 28, was seen in the video occupying the seat next to Pine, who was seated with director Olivia Wilde on the opposite side. Pine, 42, halted mid-clap and smiled into his knees before giggling to himself after the “Late Night Talking” singer appeared to shoot his saliva towards him.

While waving to spectators behind them, Styles, for his part, avoided making eye contact with the “Wonder Woman” star in the footage. Pine’s representatives refuted the claims after hearing people’s reactions, labeling them absurd stories.

The representative told People on Tuesday that the report was pure fiction and the consequence of an unusual online illusion that was misleading and allowed for irrational speculation.

The representative said, “Just to clarify, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. Any insinuation that there is anything other than respect between these two men is a clear attempt to generate drama that simply doesn’t exist.
Fans have been eager to learn more about Spitgate and closely follow the purported conflict between Florence Pugh, the film’s star, and Wilde.

Pugh skipped numerous opportunities to rave about the production on social media while promoting other prospective parts, leading many to conclude that she had a problem with the relationship between Wilde and Styles.

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